Lenoir offers cars with character.  Only brands with a unique appearance endure our selection. Today we are the exclusive dealer of Vanderhall Motor Works in Benelux. We also offer exclusive Jeeps. 


In addition, all new cars that we offer can be personalised to suit your needs. Both the interior and exterior. 


A team, that is what we are since 1997.  How old we were back then?  Well ... 16 and 18 years. In the meantime, we have been facing quite a few years and a whole number of challenges together.   


Today we are also partners on a professional level. And that clicks! Not surprising, really, as we have built together a new house 2 times and have put 3 children into the world in the meantime, you have to be a good team, isn’t it?  Not that we never have a discussion, but we know each other through and through and we are complementary. 


And it shows. To the smallest details. 




A woman who enters into the car business?  Many people are shortly amazed.  Especially when you check my Linkedin: communication professional, HR-executive, teacher?  I admit, it is not what you would expect.  


But life is full of challenges and opportunities.  I don’t like pigeonholing, that gives me the creeps.  I prefer feeling the butterflies in my stomach when I meet a new challenge.  


For me, a car is more than a means of transport.  It must have personality.  Have an appearance that suits you and in which  you feel at home.   In short, a car that puts a smile on your face. 




Entrepreneurship is in my blood.  Cars too.  Or actually ... everything that has an engine. 


At sixteen, I spent my first savings on a moped.  A Honda Amigo from the neighbour boy.  Even before I was 18 years old, I had already bought my first motorcycle. And soon enough I had already tested every brand.  A little while later, my passion for cars was born.  I have never overcome this microbe and that is a good thing.  


As a person I attach great importance to integrity and reliability.  I am driven and enjoy delivering products that make your – but also mine –  heart beat faster.  


Perhaps you have already wondered where our name comes from?  No, it is not because our showroom is black, although we found it a nice coincidence.  


In our search for a suitable name, we took closer look at the car history.  Did you know that one of the founders of the car industry was the Belgian Etienne Lenoir? 


This engineer from Virton designed the first commercial combustion engine.  Later, Etienne Lenoir even built the world’s first automobile with, yes, 3 wheels. 

On 16 July 1900 he received a plaque from the automobile club of France (ACF) at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris in recognition of the great achievements as inventor of the gas engine and manufacturer of the world’s first automobile.  


You surely understand, we could not find a better name.   


A car that gets you warm.  Which until now only existed in your dreams.  That combines both driving pleasure and looks.  You will find it at Lenoir.  


With Lenoir we give your Tesla or Jeep more personality. In addition we are the exclusive dealer of Vanderhall Motor Works  in Benelux. 


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