Whoever says Jeep immediately thinks of the iconic Wrangler.  A car that stands for freedom, passion and adventure. 


At Lenoir we combine this brute jeep with pure luxury.


Your jeep can be assembled and  built with the equally extensive and exclusive Lenoir packs. 




  • Exterior   

    • 5 x 17” inch custom black wheels 

    • 5 x premium tyres Goodrich

    • Custom fuel cap in body color

    • Aluminium logo sides

    • Aluminium logo hood

    • Aluminium entry step with serial number

    • Unique serial number on side

    • Premium aluminium grille in black or RVS

  • Exterior +     

    • Bumper front ​in body color

    • Bumper rear in body color

    • Side bars in body color

    • Fenders in body color

    • Side mirrors in body color

    • Door hendels in body color

    • Side grill in body color

  • Protection body    

    • Multilayer ceramic coating

  • Wheels +     

    • Custom wheel color

  • Interior     

    • Premium leather seats, head and armrests with custom stitching

    • Custom leather dashboard

    • Aluminium finish speakers and ventilation 

    • Center speaker and subwoofer in carbon finish

    • Exclusive Lenoir luggage set

    • Leather lashing strap

  • Interior +    

    • Interior roof painted in black​

    • Leather handles

    • Leather handbrake and grab handles

    • Aluminium finish trunk

    • Extra interior carbon finish

  • Leather +     

    • Perforated leather of alcantara steering wheel and sun visors​

    • Leather roof interior

  • Interior Summum    

    • Leather finishing doors​

    • Leather cover cabrio roll cage

    • Custom door and trunk mats

    • Lenoir logo included

  • Exterior Summum 

    • Custom body color

    • Choose your finishing

    • Dismantling, fitting and painting

    • Painting or wrapping

  • Power and sound  

    • powerbox +30hp

    • Exhaust sound upgrade 

    • Sport pedals

  • Recaro sport seats

    • With custom leather

    • Back side in body color

  • Wheel pack only 

    • 5 x 17" custom black wheels

    • 5 x premium tyres Goodrich 


A car that gets you warm.  Which until now only existed in your dreams.  That combines both driving pleasure and looks.  You will find it at Lenoir.  


With Lenoir we give your Tesla or Jeep more personality. In addition we are the exclusive dealer of Vanderhall Motor Works  in Benelux. 


T +32 (0)11 72 89 82

E info@lenoir.be



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